Parisian style

so much has been said about the french style from books, blogs, magazines etc. so i’ll just make this quick and painless. hahaaaa

mango blazer, saint laurent clutch

my simple take on Parisian style. it’s more than striped tees, scarves and neutral colors. If there’s anything i learned from all the stuff i read, its about being simple, natural and effortless.

wear less. don’t overdress. i like skinny jeans and plain top, i usually pair it with ballet flats but if you wanna dress it up a bit, go for a statement piece. take note, statement piece meaning just one. maybe a scarf or a hat or instead of flats, wear that sexy pointed pumps.

Also, keep jewelries at minimum. Don’t be that lady who wears arm loads of bracelets. i see them often, hermes bangle, charriol bangle, pandora all together. yikes! it’s just too much of a good thing. the focus should be on you not on the jewelries. they are only accessories.

nobody wants to be called a brand whore, i personally don’t have anything against labels but be discreet about it. it’s not stylish to wear clothes with the brand name placed all over for everyone to see or brand labels from head to toe. it’s an overkill.

uniform dressing is my favorite french style tip. many of my favorite french style icons (Ines de la Fressange, Emmanuelle Alt, Lou Doillon, Clemence Poesy, Carine Roitfeld, Garance Dore) have go-to outfit formula that they wear over and over again, they don’t get swayed by the flashy trends. find your go-to outfit and make it your signature style.

Parisian style is sophistication mixed with imperfection. Never try to make it too perfect. Mix casual basic with dressy and vice versa. Less is more whether on your clothes, hair and make up. that’s how the “effortless thing” emulates. there are so many french style tips out there, but these four are the basic elements of my style. how about you, what’s your signature style?

spring is here!!!




what is your style?

with the staggering presence of social media, aren’t we all overwhelmed with fashion, styles and trends? didn’t we all at some point considered ourselves as fashionistas? i tend to shy away from that word now because it has become superficial. i think we all rather be called stylish than fashionistas.

breton stripe and knee length skirt is always a good idea!

So what is your style? there are so many, each has its own definition of beautiful. Click here to find out which one is you.

i always see the phrase “effortless chic” on so many photo captions. I even use it as a hashtag when i post my ootd. hahaaa but what is it really? well friends, its the cultivation of french style.

I use to be a sucker for brand labels but i learned through the years the importance of finding your own look according to your personality, your taste and way of life not by the labels or trends. We express our idea of who we are by the clothes we wear.

my style is ever evolving but i always go back to what’s important and that has always been the comfort and the subtlety of textures and shades, easy and everyday casual (casual elegance – if the occasion calls for it) that’s me! – like you won’t ever catch me wearing a floral tea dress or colorful maxi dress though i find them beautiful. this is why i love parisian style, everything should be “au naturel”, effortless and never excessive. For them, to follow a trend is almost, if not, a sin.

on colors – i think i might have gone color blind since the only colors of my clothes in the closet are white, black, navy and gray. hahaaaa seriously, different styles for the changing season but just those four colors. oh except for my trench and a couple of breton stripes. white, black, navy, gray repeat. hahaaa

on shoes – i ran around the city in ballet flats and sneaks, sandals and loafers. i haven’t worn heels in two years. beat that! oh there was one time i had to attend a bachelorette party at a club, i wore a borrowed red pumps but my feet hurt soo bad, i walked barefoot! so yep, that doesn’t count. hahaaaaaa

well, in retrospect, whatever styles we associate ourselves with, as long as we add some personal touches and we’re comfortable and confident with what we wear then we’re all good.

catch my next post, What is Parisian style and Japanese style on Minimalism

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coat from COS

later girls!




Once a week, we make sure to go around LA. Sometimes, when we are not too lazy, we try to look and discover new places but mostly we just head on to our favorite neighborhood to eat, find deals/sale and just hang.Processed with VSCO with s2 presetA walkable historic commercial district, the Westwood neighborhood is where we usually spend morning walks and brunch. Aside from the proximity of hubbys work, i like that it is centrally located but still provides a retreat from the beautiful chaotic LA. Its charm and uniqueness is always perfect to pass time and hang out.IMG_5519Scouring through piles of vintage clothing is one of my favorite things to do here, the shopping vibe here is laidback. Commercial shops here and a couple of vintage shops too, which i really like. There are also a variety of student friendly budget restos, coffee shops as the village is home to UCLA.I like to waste time people watching, student watching or if you’re lucky, catch movie or tv celebrity as they use the area for film location like every week! (with no huge noisy crowds hovering). It’s tourist free most of the time, so i can take my time photographing the scene, Oli and Zoe. And i can take my time posing for the camera too! hahaaaIMG_5525Here are more photos of us wandering the posh but quaint neighborhood of Westwood LA.Processed with VSCO with s2 preset

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memoirs of 2017

I really had a rough year. 2017 almost broke me, oh well it did actually. Anxiety attacks, anger, fear and depression consumed the best of me. My mood was always down, I didn’t have much energy for anything. I was emotionally drained and though I was trying to act normal and trying to find solutions, these got me even more depressed. I was hard on myself. My sisters would tell me, you went through a lot dear, you’re allowed to cry, break down, do nothing, take a break and take your time. It’s gonna pass.My support system is overwhelming, we are not the touchy-feely affectionate type of family but we love each other to the core, they were there for me through out. Every late night crying, cigarette breaks, bathroom breakdowns and all sorts.I kept telling myself, I  want to move on, I wanted to be a happy family member, be a better mummy to Zoe, be creative, and start doing things for myself. Apart from the fact that i have four perfectly healthy limbs, I genuinely could not get my shit together. It was very difficult to accept what had happened. My marriage is falling apart.

I can’t even believe, I survived it. Somehow, we are slowly making it through. I’m not really sure how, with all the constant bickering and arguments, we didn’t give up on communication (even if i question everything he says). Big and small efforts from the both of us, Acceptance (which is really hard) and Forgiveness (even harder), working on them one day at a time.

And of course, lots and lots of prayers.

Love for myself. Forgive myself. Never Settle. And let go of the past.IMG_5039Love for Oli. The thing is, if trust is broken, we find ourselves in a black hole of emptiness or even anger that it’s hard to show love. but I know that i wanna break free from all this unhappiness and resentment that has depleted the entirety of myself. So I consciously started to take notice and appreciate his efforts and apologies. And though our current situation is not ideal and a little hard, he never gave up on mending our ship-wrecked relationship and trying to make things right and better, no matter how much i undermine him.

Then that day came, that answered prayer which took away all the doubts, the questions, fears, in that moment, i knew he really does have my back.

I know, I can’t say this enough but truly, Thank You dear Lord.

Love for Zoe. the greatest blessing. As the saying goes ” I must have done something right to deserve such beautiful, amazing and wonderful daughter in my life.”

Love for my little family.

Love will sustain us.

I wrote this post for myself.

Why? To constantly remind myself not to live in the past anymore, to love hard, to continue reinventing myself, to write new stories, to start a new journey and to welcome life as it is, rainbows and shitballs. “Life is the greatest adventure of all.”

Uncertainty always feels scary but I’m truly hopeful that things will continue to get better this year. There is always that small window of hope, right?!

You’ve been tough 2017, I bid you goodbye!

Happy 2018 folks!



fewer better

Since I’ve been posting my all time fave take everywhere bag on Instagram lately, I’d like to share with you bits and pieces about the globally conscious brand Cuyana. With its core identity, “fewer, better things”, the brand has keen focus on seasonless but high quality essentials and quiet luxury that won’t break the bank.
Around 2012, my go to everyday bag was Louis Vuitton’s batignolles vertical and some Kate Spade totes. I first heard about Cuyana from the blogs I follow. There was so much rave about their leather bags that when I checked them out for myself, I fell in love instantly.Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

Sourcing from artisans all over the world, they are able to provide stylish, timeless, premium and functional products. All supple leather either from Argentina, Italy and the US that are made with the finest craftsmanship.

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I bought my first, around 2015, a classic carry all tote in bluish gray, it didn’t last though, the mothership saw it and wanted it! hahaaaa

fill it with anything and everything, from my things to Zoe’s stuff and occasionally Oli’s

when we got back here again the same year, since Cuyana and Vince were really the only store, i wanted to see, we went there with my sister (who btw is like my fairy god mother, santa clause etc cause she buys me all sorts of stuff. hahaaa) and bought me the black one. yasssss!!!!! I know, I’m soo lucky! 🙂

my favorite go to everyday bag. I take it anywhere.
everything’s better monogrammed, don’t you think?
my four year old tote, it gets better with age

This time, i had it monogrammed in gold for a little personal touch and i’ve been overusing it for years now, until backpacks became a thing! hahaaaa oh well, that’s another story!

I really like Cuyana as they are low key and not mainstream unlike other fashion brands but still gives you that sense of luxury.

That being said, if you like their goods, check them out here.

How about you? What are your favorite bags?

thanks for reading! catch you next time!


pets ♡


Hello! Its been awhile.

I thought, I throw some photos of me and my goofballs back when the weather was lovely.  Also, it’s almost like a year since my last post! Looks like I’ve been busy! nah – I’ve been slacking! hahaaa

anyway, here goes.

Back in May, I spent a whole day hanging out at the newly renovated Malibu Farm with Oliver and Zoe. The cafe conveys that effortlessly cool, California vibe.Malibu Farm has such locavore ethos. It is considered one of the top farm to table restaurants in Los Angeles. With its hipster ambiance, soothing view of the ocean and scrumptious food, no wonder, it’s a cult favorite.

“Zoe” letting me take a photo of her before she explored the pier.

we got there early so it wasn’t crowded yet.

settled in and grabbed brunch.

swedish meatballs pasta, blue nachos, cafe au lait
fresh, local, organic!
fine wine, any day!

There’s nothing like dining with a view of the Pacific Ocean in front of you and the sound of waves crashing against the beach. The view is incredible, it feels endless, its beyond gorgeous.

And the food are happy meld of flavors for a delectable and a very satisfying meal. burp!

enjoying our brunch plates!
enjoying our brunch plates!

California grown, local is thekey here.  – that kind of feeling that you’re having great food that is simple and true.

Capturing a sip of my cafe au lait by Caffe Luxxe. Obviously enjoying it! 🙂

Had a really wonderful time here with my fambam, brunching, lounging, snacking, frolicking, people watching, enjoying the view and just basking in each others company. It really is just the right amount of perfect. Beachy, chic and classic Malibu.IDFG0869IMG_1105IMG_1108IMG_1156

so bring your family, a date or friends and do your eyes and tummy a favor, stop by the cafe and revel a true Malibu experience. It is probably the most Instagrammable cafe on the Pacific Coast Highway.IMG_0633Thanks for reading!! I hope you have an awesome week!



zoe’s 7th

zoe’s invites 🙂 bagnet is one of fambams fave dish || cake is from Lady M

sharing Zoe’s simple cake blowing for her birthday last october 27. and since it was a school day, we promised to celebrate more over the weekend. Life is short and fast. where did the seven years go? I have no idea!

this checkers cake from Lady M is omg just divine!

the slow living approach is making its way to most if not all homes all over the world. But what does it even mean?

often times it brings images of work free days or long Sunday mornings spent reading in bed with loved ones or waking up at dawn to run or swim.

we all have have different takes oh how to do it (and there’s nothing wrong with that.) but we also share one common denominator, going back to our core values and foundation with the intention of simplifying our lives with the people we can’t live without.

so fill your heart with what’s important and be done with the rest.

quality time is family time.

happy birthday noodle! love you!!!

simple joys like these makes my heart full. Happiest Birthday Zoe!  we super duper love you kiddo!

queen of hearts for halloween. Happy Halloween!

Live in the now. Live in the moment. Be present. Make time. Unplug.