zoe’s 7th

zoe’s invites 🙂 bagnet is one of fambams fave dish || cake is from Lady M

sharing Zoe’s simple cake blowing for her birthday last october 27. and since it was a school day, we promised to celebrate more over the weekend. Life is short and fast. where did the seven years go? I have no idea!

this checkers cake from Lady M is omg just divine!

the slow living approach is making its way to most if not all homes all over the world. But what does it even mean?

often times it brings images of work free days or long Sunday mornings spent reading in bed with loved ones or waking up at dawn to run or swim.

we all have have different takes oh how to do it (and there’s nothing wrong with that.) but we also share one common denominator, going back to our core values and foundation with the intention of simplifying our lives with the people we can’t live without.

so fill your heart with what’s important and be done with the rest.

quality time is family time.

happy birthday noodle! love you!!!

simple joys like these makes my heart full. Happiest Birthday Zoe!  we super duper love you kiddo!

queen of hearts for halloween. Happy Halloween!

Live in the now. Live in the moment. Be present. Make time. Unplug.




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