the struggle is real

shoot! It’s that time of the month again. Ugh! You all know what I’m talking about. Unlike other ladies who experience little to zero physical pain, I on the other hand gets glued to the bed all day with intense cramps and nagging headache.
bye weekend!

Not to mention the week prior to the main event where my hormones get whacked! Acting crazy and feeling shitty?! Yeah, and then the hubby gets blamed for everything.

Oh PMS you are such a b*tch! Sorry for the foul language, just pms-ing. 😆

Seriously. it sucks!

while thinking about chips and soda

So after I finished my salad, I succumbed to my sour cream flavored LAYS and a regular coke.


p.s.  to all boyfies and hubbies who want to get a little understanding on what goes inside our crazy heads when pms-ing,  read here.



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